Here’s some final images of drawings and stills from animations from ‘Becoming raven’. Elements of this work will be shown at Newcastle Art Gallery for Just Draw. I will show the ‘flying’ ravens on rice paper – running over the top will be the animation of the landscape and raven in flight. This will be a short animation that runs on a loop. The animation can be viewed on vimeo (not in HD This animation was created using oil paint on clayboard – this surface enabled me to ‘scrub out’ or wipe back each frame of the drawing to capture the bird in various states of flight, as well as the landscape – I was considering how the landscape changes through time.

The final imagery for this part of the project was based on the many different drawings and short animations that I made during the residency at Grafton. These were the ‘sketches’ or the maps for this work. I have several more separate but related works that I will now work on based on other animations and many drawings I made.



These images have animations that I am working on. I plan to run these animations over the top of the drawings. Still working on these!



If you read a book 1000 times, you’re sure to understand it…

I heard the life coach/teacher/author, John Kehoe, say this and it struck a chord. He said it was a Chinese proverb, but I can’t find a reference to that (I like to find references to these things!). Even so, I like it. I draw things over and over and over in a bid to understand them.

(refer to my obsession with the fig trees and the ravens)…. Interesting

IMG_20151114_183538[1]IMG_20151115_151544 IMG_20151108_185728 IMG_20151107_164023 IMG_20151115_135015[1]

A couple of videos showing animated drawings running over still images – this the point I left this work in Grafton. There’s still more to do over the next couple of weeks before I do a ‘test’ run showing of this work. The paper used is rice paper dipped in beeswax, this achieves a transparency. The overall plan is to bring the paper and still drawings ‘off the wall’ so that the work can be viewed from both sides. This will also mean that there will be cast shadows from viewers walking around the paper. Still more work to do but I feel it’s taking shape.

The following are some of the animated ‘flights’ that am working on to have run over the paper and still drawings. Sound to come.

Becoming raven – Flight 1

Becoming raven – Flight 2

Becoming raven – flight 3 and flight 4

Becoming raven – Flight 5

Becoming Raven – Flight 6

So, final week of the residency this week. It’s no surprise that it’s been a valuable opportunity to focus just on artwork. This is the first residency I’ve undertaken and the first time since finishing college to focus solely on producing work – no other distractions. It’s a real luxury and hopefully not the last chance I will have! THe first three weeks were very productive, I decided to just throw myself into it and see what happened – with the idea in the back of my mind that that the final week would be pulling everything together. I was feeling good about where the work was going and confident that I CAN DO THIS! The final week is where things have derailed slightly – for me it’s the pulling it all together that’s the trickiest part and where doubt really starts to engulf me. It takes just one thing/person/thought to plant the seed of doubt and then quickly spirals into full blown overwhelm. What am I trying to say? What am I trying to do? Why am I doing this? I am a fraud! I’m pulling out of this exhibition etc etc. I suppose this is my testing period to see if I can push through this. Woe is me!!!!

‘I believe it was John Cage who once told me, ‘When you start working, everybody is in your studio—the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas—all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then, if you’re lucky, even you leave.’ Philip Guston


IMAG1550[1] IMG_20151007_104808[1] IMG_20151007_162434[1] IMG_20151007_155216[1] IMG_20151007_121050[1]